Vintage Presets Lightroom

two portrait photo joining and making feature image of vintage presets lightroom

Free Vintage preset for lightroom. It provides us old vintage looks. Vintage Lightroom presets will wash out the color of the photos and add effect and some grain so it gives so old vintage feel to our photos. 

Download Free Vintage Presets lightroom

Vintage presets lightroom to enhance photos for a portrait, landscape, lifestyle, street, travel, and fashion photography. This lightroom preset vintage helps to change in just a single click that will turn your raw images into an old vintage look that adds some grain and effects. But you must select the best preset and perfect preset that can match your photos from our collection of Lightroom vintage presets. 

Each preset is adjustable and free to use. Adjust exposure for brightness and saturation for a different color. You need basic knowledge about lightroom presets to import these presets. If you don’t know about how to import presets? Don’t worry about it you can get from the last section of our page. Lightroom presets vintage are designed by pro photographers and export of the lightroom preset which are high in quality and free of cost. This lightroom preset vintage can be used in both lightroom desktop and mobile app

We are uploading more vintage presets lightroom once a week so be updated with our site And for more, you can be updated with us on our Facebook page where we upload daily free lightroom presets. These are the list of lightroom presets vintage which we have uploaded inside this package. 

  1. Vintage preset 1 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 1
AFTER Vintage preset 1
  1. Vintage preset 2 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 2
AFTER Vintage preset 2
  1. Vintage preset 3 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 3
AFTER Vintage preset 3
  1. Vintage preset 4 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 4
AFTER Vintage preset 4
  1. Vintage preset 5 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 5
AFTER Vintage preset 5
  1. Vintage preset 6 
girls portrait photo applying vintage lightroom presets - 6
AFTER Vintage preset 6

If you want to take your photo editing to the next level and searching for more free lightroom presets like these ones! You can visit here.

Portrait | Landscape | Cinematic Black and White | Wedding Mobile Lightroom Presets |

The feature of this presets are:

  • It takes only a single click.
  • It has easily editable effects.
  • High-quality results.
  • compatible with .png, .jpg and .raw images.

Whats inside

  • Lightroom presets for desktop ( .lrtemplate formats )
  • with 6 lightroom preset vintage.

By using a lightroom preset vintage, you don’t need to start from scratch and you can adjust and fine-tune everything you think that needs changing to your images. You can download these collections of lightroom presets vintage from the below download button.


More 2020 presets: Free Portrait Lightroom Presets for 2020

How to import lightroom presets for Desktop?

We have simple six steps to import presets that you have downloaded from here. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy our free preset.

  • Open Adobe Lightroom app
  • Make sure you are in develop mode.
  • Find “presets” ( Navigate to the left sidebar )
  • Click the MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON (it will create a new folder)
  • Go to your CREATED FOLDER and IMPORT PRESETS (click right mouse button)
  • ENJOY free presets that you have downloaded from
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