Best Free Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop

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Welcome to our free presets website 2020. Each day we upload a free preset from our free lightroom preset collections. We have unlimited free lightroom presets of a portrait, landscape, black and white, wedding, cinematic, and mobile lightroom presets. 

Nature, newborn, fashion, food, Night time and day time, low light, color grading, vintage and retro or film look You can find each and every type of preset here. For cinematic, film or modern preset, texture, hdr, and matte presets also in our collection. We have perfect lighting and colors pop presets for your indoor and outdoor photos but you just find out the perfect one from our site. You can search from the search bar, scroll down or go through categories that are listed on our site. 

Our presets work 100% and free to download. We are planning to bring unlimited lightroom presets for free. To get free preset follow us on our website and Facebook page. If you are an amateur or a professional photographer looking best presets for social media like Facebook  Instagram or Pinterest and others. We have the best free lightroom preset that you are looking for. 

In short, we have unlimited free lightroom preset in our collection, you can get perfect presets from here but you just need to find the right one for your images, photos or photography 

By using these free preset, you don’t need to start from scratch and you can adjust and fine-tune everything you think that needs changing to your images. You can download unlimited free lightroom preset from the

How to import a lightroom presets for Desktop?

We have simple six steps to import presets that you have download from here. Just follow these simple step and enjoy our free preset.

  • Open Adobe Lightroom app
  • Make sure you are in develop mode.
  • Find “presets” ( Navigate to the left sidebar )
  • Click the MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON (it will create a new folder)
  • Go to your CREATED FOLDER and IMPORT PRESETS (click right mouse button)

How to import a lightroom presets in Mobile App?

Furthermore, you can use mobile presets easily on your Mobile Lightroom App by just following these simple steps.

  1. Open Mobile lightroom app.
  2. Unzipped file that you have downloaded.
  3. Click on the settings and choose to Add to option.
  4. Choose the file that you have downloaded(unzipped presets)
  5. Double click on Presets .dng file you would like to work with
  6. .dng file will install in Lightroom Mobile
  7. Choose .dng file you have installed before, then click on the Settings button and click on the Copy Settings
  8. Click on Select All, then unselect Crop setting and click on the OK button.
  9. Choose a picture you would like to edit in Mobile Lightroom.
  10. Click on the Settings button and then click on the Paste Settings.
  11. ENJOY free lightroom presets that you have downloaded from
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