Free Portrait Lightroom Presets for 2020

collection of images of free portrait lightroom presets for 202o

Download free portrait lightroom presets for 2020. Get perfect and best portrait lightroom presets free from to change the looks of your images. Get a lightroom preset for portrait photography to enhance your photos and to add perfection.

This free Lightroom presets for 2020 portraits images help to make your indoor and outdoor portraits pop and amazing in just a single click. We have portrait lightroom presets free that can be used in both lightroom desktop and mobile app. Choose perfect presets from our site and turn your simple raw portrait images into amazing and beautiful. 

Lightroom presets created for portraits images to help add a perfect tone, color correction, details and so on which are taken with friends and models. Our portrait lightroom preset helps you reach the perfect look for your portrait images. Inside these packages, we have the best portrait lightroom presets for free. By using these presets, you can save your valuable time and gives quality results. Without editing experience, you can make your portrait images look good by using these portrait lightroom preset. You can look effects of best portrait lightroom preset here.

These portrait lightroom presets 2020 look good for any type of photos and camera brand because these are created by a professional portrait photographer. Portrait photography lightroom presets comes in .xmp and .lrtemplate formats and for mobile .dng formats. Compatibility with any version of Lightroom and works on both RAW and JPEG images format.

Portrait Lightroom Presets for 2020

We have 10 Best free portrait lightroom presets for 2020 that we will show you to download for free.

10. Free Cool Film Lightroom Presets

This cool film lightroom presets packages give a clear, vibrant, and cool look film color to your images. Inside this presets medium lights, saturated colors, soft light, cool toning, bright highlights, and clarity you can make your photo perfect. You can make your photo unique with a dramatic preset with an excellent cool preset for lightroom it adds cool film color contrast to your images and makes the images more expressive by using this Portrait photography lightroom presets.

girl photo with free cool film lightroom presets
Cool Film Portrait lightroom presets free

9. Free Dark Pastel Lightroom Presets

These collections of dark pastel Lightroom presets will give your photo a rich tone with a cozy pastel style. Professional of lightroom is created this unique dark, moody and high contrast style preset for your photos with contrast and beautiful pastel looks to your natural light images. It deals with moody photo contrast and warm pastel tone.

beautiful girl photo with dark pastel lightroom presets
Dark Pastel Portrait lightroom presets free

8. Free Dark Matte Lightroom Presets

These collections of dark matte look Lightroom presets will give your photo a rich tone with a cozy matte style. Professional of lightroom is created this unique dark, matte and high contrast style preset for your photos with contrast and beautiful matte to your natural light images.

grils photo in nature with free dark matte lightroom presets
Dark Matte Portrait lightroom presets free

7. 10 Winter Lightroom Presets Package 4

Download these 10 free winter lightroom preset package 4 for portrait lightroom preset. With these presets you can give your photos a cool, winter effect. This preset includes vibrant colors, dynamic base setting, and gradient filters to complete the look. These preset work best with bright portrait photography lightroom presets.

outdoor photo with winter lightroom presets package 4
Winter portrait lightroom presets free

6. 10 Warm Retro Lightroom Preset for FREE

The “Warm Retro Light” preset will give your photos a beautiful film look that’s perfect for social media and Instagram! This Lightroom Preset is perfect for any type of photo including, landscape, cityscapes, and portrait. Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. This preset is a simple and versatile look that can be mainly useful in Portrait photography lightroom presets.

outdoor girl photo with warm retro lightroom presets
Warm retro portrait lightroom presets free

5. Best Pastel Lightroom Presets for Free

The “Pastel” preset will give your photo a pastel look with a subtle amount of grain and a nice mix of split tones. As well as these presets look good with many different types of photo and camera brands. Whether you like to shoot nature, urban, beauty, portraits, or just about any other style of photography, chances are you’ll find a preset in the that suits your needs.

outdoor photo with pastel lightroom presets package 3
Best pastel lightroom presets for portraits

4. 10 Free HDR Pro Lightroom Presets

Get these free HDR Pro Lightroom presets are easy to customize, and they let you adjust the settings to match any kind of a photograph, whether you take it with a DSLR or your smartphone camera. We know that it is quite difficult to find high-quality free Lightroom preset bundles that show results. So that you can create images with lots of details in the darkest and lightest parts of the image.

man fishing in sea with best hdr pro lightroom presets
HDR Pro lightroom presets for portraits

3. Free Light Leak Lightroom Preset

Download the Free light leak Lightroom Preset Package to give nice light leak effect to your photos. This light leak lightroom preset package is a sample from our collection of light leak lightroom presets. It also includes stronger and softer versions of the light leak. Now you can get beautiful color shifts and film effects in just a few clicks with our light leaks Lightroom Preset for Free! You’ll get a variety of different colors and color combinations, leaks from different angles and for both sides of the photo.

outdoor girls photo with light leaks lightroom presets
Light Leak lightroom presets for portraits

2. 10 Free Summer Glow Lightroom Presets

Download these Free Summer Glow Lightroom presets for free where you can get a set of the effect of summer glow preset. These presets are perfect for travel, holiday, food, bloggers, landscapes, portraits, and other types of photos. This package is a great choice for almost any kind of outdoor photography. 

outdoor girls photo with summer glow lightroom presets
Summer Glow Lightroom presets outdoor portrait
  1. 10 Free Vintage Film Lightroom Preset

Download these 10 Free Vintage Film Lightroom Preset for Photography. These Vintage Film Lightroom presets serve both to remind everyone of classic works. You will be amazed by this excellent collection of vintage style preset. This preset will wash out the color in your photo and add some grain and other effects so it gives an authentic aged feel.

outdoor girls photo with vintage film lightroom presets
Vintage film Lightroom presets for portraits free 

Conclusion, These are the collection of Portrait lightroom presets free for portraits which will perfect for any portrait images. You can download for free of cost just click the download button to get amazing free lightroom presets for portraits. Enjoy our free unlimited lightroom presets.

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